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Last updated: August 2012


Biodiversity of Georgia

Ongoing Projects:

Currently ICFER is participating in Project-- "Socio-economic Tools for Integrated Conservation Planning in the Multi-Ethnic South Caucasus" produced  "Caucasus Virtual Institute of Conservation Science and Education". It is a collaborative activity of scientists and professionals from several European and Asian countries funded from 2011-2013 by the German Ministry of Education and Development (BMBF) Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany. (For further information, please click the link)

Biodiversity of Georgia

The Caucasus region is identified as globally outstanding for biodiversity and is among the planet's 25 most diverse and endangered hotspots 31. The Caucasus eco-region is also identified as having global significance by WWF due to the diverse number of endemic species, and the specific evolutionary processes and unique historical floral and faunal development. It is one of the World’s 221 Endemic Bird Areas. (UNDP, 2009)
Located in the heart of the Caucasus, Georgia holds the major part of the region’s biodiversity with almost all Caucasus ecosystems and habitats represented and a high number of globally threatened  and  endemic  species
. . For further details please follow the link

Georgia (Video from the movie: Iris Grows in Caucasus)

Lagodekhi National Park , Georgia: (Video from the movie: Iris Grows in Caucasus)

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park , Georgia: (Video from the movie: Iris Grows in Caucasus)

Bacteriophages- Historical Overview (Part-1) Bacteriophages- Historical Overview (Part-2) Iris Grows in Caucasus -Introduction
ICFER Implemented Projects on Biodiversity
  • Analysis for European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Countries and the Russian Federation on social and economic benefits of enhanced environmental protection -Georgia Country Report-EC Project 2009-2011

  • For further information click the link

  • In 2004-2007 ICFER in partnership with Department of Biochemistry/Laurentian University implemented project- ‘Examining different biotechnological processes that can be utilized in the reduction of pollution in the Black Sea” Project was funded by NATO

    • Publication within the frames of the project: Involvement of Fumarase C and NADH Oxidase in Metabolic Adaptation of Pseudomonas fluorescens Cells Evoked by Aluminum and Gallium Toxicity_Daniel Chenier,1 Robin Beriault,1 Ryan Mailloux,1 Mathurin Baquie,1 Gia Abramia,2 Joseph Lemire,1 and Vasu Appanna1* Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3E 2C6,1 and International Center for Environmental Research   Journal of Applied Microbiology/AMS, 2007

    • For further information, pleaseclick the link





  • In 1996-1997 ICFER in partnership with Georgian NFP/UNEP/INFOTERRA made a film: Caucasian Folk Heroes are Exploring the World. The project South Caucasian Children for Peaceful and Healthy Environment for funded by UNEP/ROE

  • For further information, please click the link

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