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Last updated in: June 2011



Environmentally Clean Fuel Additive Petrox-1


In February 2009 “U.N. tech Ltd. Presented to our  Center new product gasoline additive Petrox-1, which has already been tested at the laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine, Department of Transport and Car Construction, Georgian Technical University. Currently UN. Tech Ltd is reorganized into Georgian Technologies.

Fuel additive Petrox-1, is already registered at:

Petrox--1 was registered by “The Georgian National Agency of Standards, Plural Regulations and  Metrology” in 23.02.09 (certificate #268-12005843)

 USEPA, as environmentally clean fuel additive- Petro-log.

Clean Fuel - Seminar 29.10.2009, Tbilisi - read more Testing of Petrox-1 - 2010 at GTU Climate Change Week , 2009 read more

Information about ecologicaly clean fuel additive – Petrox-1, from nontoxic ingredients


Petrox-1 does not change octane and cetane numbers of fuels.

Petrox-1 operates on petrol and diesel, improves  the burning process and also:

1.      decreases pollutants

CO – 45-50%,

HC – 70-80%,

NOx – 60-70%

and decreases CO2 emission proportionally to fuel saving;

2.      decreases fuel consumption

on the diesel vehicles - about 20%,

on the petrol vehicles - about 30%;

3.      increases output power of engines - about 20-25%;

4.      cleans the feed system and the combustion chamber of engines and has anticorrosion properties;

5.      decreases temperature of freezing of fuel;

6.      decreases saturation vapor pressure of petrol;

7.      improves operation of engines and prolongs its operation life;

8.      has antiknock property;

9.      prolongs operation life of catalytic converter.


The  dosage  of  additive 

for  90-93 octane  petrol  is  1ml/10L, 

for  95-98 octane  fuel – 1ml/20L,

for  diesel – 1,4ml/10L.


Possible to use Petrox -1 with any kinds of fuel.


Petrox--1 was registered by “The Georgian National Agency of Standards, Plural Regulations and  Metrology” in 23.02.09 (certificate #268-12005843) and by US Environmental Protection Agency (with  the name of  “Petro-log”).



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