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In Soviet period before the invention of antibiotics the  bacteriophage were widely used in veterinary practice, as an efficient treatment-preventive preparations.After the invention of antibiotics the interest towards bacteriophages decreased.  
©ICFER Videos of the project -CGS 03-70

Today the interest towards bacteriophages increased. The reason is that the resistance of bacteria against antibiotics has increased. The systematical usage of antibiotics led to appearing of new strengthened bacteria.


In 2003 International Center for Environmental Research Jointly with its cluster partners JSC Biochimfarm" strated to implement WB Georgian Agriculture Development Program’s Project - CGS 03-70 "Demonstration and application of achievement of environmentaly friendly and efficient technology on the use of treatment-preventive veterinary biopreparation of bacteriophages against antibiotic resistant salmonela infections in poultry"

The purpose of our project was to demonstrate environmentally friendly, and efficient, veterinary,

preventive- treating technology against antibiotic resistant microbes for its further practical use.We have created Project Implementation Team (PIT)

Project Implementation Team Gregory (Gia) Abramia - Project Director, Environmentalist;

Alexander Golijashvili- Project Manager; Dr. Prof. Merab Natadze- Scientific Team Leader, Microbiologist, Agricultural University of Georgia, Veterinarian;

Dr. Prof. Sergo Rigvava- G. Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology, Microbiologist, Veterinarian ; Nana Japarashvili- Microbiologist;  Nona Makhatadze- Microbiologist

Gia Kakabadze- Cameramen


Iron cock from Patardzleuli talisman of our team

Patardzleuli Poultry farm Patardzleuli farm. From the left: Dr.S.Rigvava, Ms.E.Mamuchishvili and Ms.Patarkatsishvili (local vterinarians), Mr.T.Toklikishvili (senior vetrinarian), Dr.M.Natidze   At Krtsanisi Poultry farmFrom the left: N. Japarashvili, Dr.S.Rigvava, local veretinarians, G. Abramia

PIT has undertaken following tasks:

-identified illness dynamics during different years, types of illness, possible sources

of their distribution in different age groups;

-reviewed provided preventive - treatment measures and had identified the reasons

for fall;

-identified sanitary hygienic indicators of water;

-identified sanitary hygienic indicators of food;

--approved provisional  instruction for the use of Interstibacteriophage preparation in poultry at Georgian Veterinary University scientific Council and Georgian State Vetrinary Department;

-held a workshop and a conference for stakeholders: poultry farmers, agricultural companies , research institutions, international donors Additional information is available on request.





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