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GTZ – Entec Project 2232
Renewable Energies in Central Asia
Regional Report and Market Analysis 2008-ongoing

Preparation of National Report

GTZ – Entec

Study of renewable energies


Educational movie on the growing of vegetables, 2009

 Scientific supervision, film making, etc


Film making


Educational movie and cartoons on the growing of vegetables, 2009

Scientific supervision, film making, etc


Movie with animations


Examining different biotechnological processes that can be utilized in the reduction of pollution in the Black Sea. Department of Biochemistry/Laurentian University /NATO 2005-2007

Providing joint research


Conducted Research


UN/CSD-14 Preparatory Meeting, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2006 Jointly with Georgian Greens

Project Management and preparation of report and “Tbilisi Declaration”

Embassy of Netherlands, Embassy of UK, EuroAsia Foundation

Prepared NGO position paper and presented in UN Headquarters


Design and Supervision of Works on Rehabilitation of Forest Department and District Offices-

Architecture and design and Construction projects

World Bank

Prepared architectural projects


Rehabilitation of Shelter for Homeless Children

Architecture and design

Save the Children

Architecture and design


Demonstration and application of achievement of environmentaly friendly and efficient technology on the use of treatment-preventive veterinary biopreparation of bacteriophages against antibiotic resistans salmonela infections in poultry.  Project Director 2002-2005

Prided testing of bio preparation in three poultry farms of Georgia and made 20 minute documental film – Bacteriophages-Historical overview

World Bank

The preparation was approved for further use by Veterinary Department of Agrarian University of Georgia and National Veterinary Department


EIA of  Mtskheta Concrete Factory (Ltd.”Tbiltsement”),

Environmental Impact Assessment

Private company

We provided air pollution modeling


Regional Project for South Caucasian Countries- Virtual Environment for Children-

Made educational film about environment and natural heritage of South Caucasian Countries

SIDA/REC Caucasus Director

The film was successfully presented on several international meetings


EIA of  Avchala Cement Factory (Ltd.”Tbiltsement”),

Environmental Impact Assessment

Private company

We provided air pollution modeling


Biodiversity  Report- component of National Biodiversity Report 2000

Prepared National Biodiversity Report and its website

World Bank

The report was located at the website of Biodiversity Convention


Tourism in Georgia Project- Gateway Georgia, 1999

Prepared Web based tourist guide

World Bank

It was one of the first tourist websites in Georgia


Project Manual on Environmental Issues of Maritime Legislation in

Prepared Web based site on maritime information in Georgia


This was first environmental site in Georgia and was located at the Website of The Ministry of Environment of Georgia
The site is linked by International Maritime Organization.


Website of the Ministry of Environment of Georgia

Information compilation analyses and processing, web design


An official Website of The Ministry of Environment of Georgia


Funded Project National Black Sea Strategic Action Plan

Was leading team of professionals and made National Report on Marine Environmental issues in Georgia


Our team was congratulated with high quality of our work


Black Sea Project Component on Common Sturgeon Study ( Acipenser Sturio)

In country coordination activities. Preparation of Report


As an input to project our team prepared historical overview of sturgeon use in Georgia


Tbilisi City Master plan

Preparation of Masterplan

Tbilisi Municipality

We tried to incorporate in plan EU approaches


Guidebook for Investors for Environmental and Health Issues

Made a review on Georgian legislation

DHI & Consulting/EBRD

We made first review of Environmental legislation in Georgia.


South Caucasian Folk Heroes are exploring the World environment
(in partnership with UNEP/INFOTERRA)

The project was implemented by South Caucasian Countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia)
We made National and Regional Art Exhibitions and from kids paintings developed a cartoon.


This was first step of cooperation on environmental issues between Armenia and Azerbaijan after conflict


Architecture & Design Group of our Center is working on architectural and design projects

They are designing apartments, governmental and private offices, administrative buildings, Sport Centers, churches,

Private or governmental

Their projects are available at our website:



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