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Last updated in: June 2011



Renewable Energies in Georgia



The development of alternative energy sources (wind, solar and geothermal energy) is an objective of Georgia’s State Energy Policy. This objective is also mentioned in the existing Law on Electricity and Gas19.

However, no specific targets were defined for the share of energy to be generated by renewable sources. There were discussions about drafting a more specific RE law20 in 2008. After the war from August 2008, however, these initiatives seem to have lost momentum.


The Government of Georgia has approved of a Renewable Energy 2008 State Program21, which regulates and supports the construction of new RE projects in Georgia with a capacity up to 100 MW. The program is designed to attract foreign investments. The program is largely focusing on the development of small and medium Hydro Power Plants. The Tax Code enacted in 2005 does not provide any tax benefits for the production, use, import and implementation of equipment for the production of RE or power saving equipment.


There are a number of relevant international documents for the development of RE sources in Georgia. These include the Energy Charter Treaty, the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, the Energy Community Treaty, the European Neighborhood Policy and others.


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