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In 1996 ICFER prepared a Report (funded by UNOPS/GEF), which intended main problems regarding  BSSAP implementation for Georgia. In respect to existing data kindly submitted by the Ministry of Environment and other relevant agencies and NGOs, the created team investigated: present state of Georgian environment, protection measures undertaken, existing problems, ongoing projects, future trends a two part strategy:


·      First, focus the state’s activities to match its capacity. Getting governments better focused on the core public activities that are crucial to development will enhance their effectiveness.

·      Second, over time, look for ways to improve the state’s capacity by reinvigorating public institutions.


The Report enables to familiarise with the environmental, and safety regulatory regimes relating to Greenfield site developments. The Report covers institutional arrangements for environmental, and safety control, legislative requirements,  public access to information, liability.Request for additional information


Brief Glance on Western Georgia (Video from the movie: Iris Grows in Caucasus)

Batumi harbor, Black Sea , Georgia: (Video from the movie: Iris Grows in Caucasus)

Animated Cartoon from the film: South Caucasian Folk Heroes are Exploring Environment

Rivers of the Black Sea Basin (Western Georgia)

Rivers of the Black Sea Basin (Western Georgia)

Land use in the Black Sea Basin( Western Georgia)

In 1996-1998 Project Manual on Environmental Issues of Maritime Legislation in Georgia (Project was funded by OSGF) We prepared Web based site on maritime information in Georgia his was first environmental site in Georgia and was located at the Website of The Ministry of Environment of Georgia The site is linked by International Maritime Organization. Read more

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