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Last updated in May, 2011



Waste management requires urgent attention from decision-makers. In its Environmental Performance Review of 2010, UNECE states that they waste management situation is dramatic and has hardly improved since its first review in 2003. Municipal solid waste management is major environmental and health issue in Georgia. Key issues include:


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-        No overall Government strategy for waste management

-        No comprehensive law on waste management and weak enforcement of existing provisions;

-        A to manage municipal and industrial waste disposal

-        Lack of cooperation between municipalities

-        Increasing amounts of waste generated, in line with the improvement of the living standard

-        Inappropriate collection:

o       Partial collection coverage of the population:  no service for municipal waste collection and disposal in the majority of rural areas

o       No waste separation, reducing the opportunities for re-use and recycling

-        Inappropriate waste disposal:

o       No sanitary landfills for municipal waste disposal, but only dumpsites, contaminating soil and ground water.

o       Dumping of industrial waste, including hazardous waste, together with municipal waste;




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