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General Information:  The total stream of Georgian rivers are - 65,8 km3 . On average on 1 km2 is formed 820 thousand km3 of the water per year. In West Georgia 1340 thousand m3 on 1 km2, in East Georgia - 37- thousand m3 on 1 km2. On one resident in West Georgia comes 19 thousand m3 on 1 square km, in East Georgia 5 thousand m3, so nearly less than four times. In West Georgia on each level of the development of industry satisfy the nature stream. In East Georgia by the 201 in the drought years the water resources will be used or 75%, that can be followed by hard ecological results.

© ICFER - River Chorokhi, Georgia © ICFER  River. Mtkvari, Georgia © ICFER  River Mashavera, Georgia
Largest rivers: Mtkvari ( 188000 km2), river Chorokhi (22130 km2), river Rioni (13900 km2), river Alazani (12000 km2).The largest rivers about the water are: Rioni (12,6 km3 per year), Mtkvari (7,2 km3 per year), Chorokhi ( 8,9 km3 per year), Inguri (5,9 km3 per year), Kodori (4,1 km3 per year), Alazani ( 3,1 km3 per year) Request for additional information



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